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Our Calling In This World


Know Jesus - more every day
Make Him Known - everywhere & always

Knowing Jesus leads us to profound GRATITUDE that shapes our lives. We choose to honor him by modeling our lives after his GOODNESS. Sometimes this takes COURAGE to swim against the current of our culture and make him known by embracing the kind of GENEROSITY that led Jesus to give his life for us.

Our Expectation Of Influence


Our world is broken.


Fractured families, debilitating debt, divisive politics, unsettling violence, and shattered self-worth are cancers that rob people of hope and purpose. The world’s solutions typically treat symptoms and still leave people broken.


So we invest in people.


A life-changing connection with Jesus transforms broken people into extraordinary catalysts for making people whole; we radiate his hope and purpose to the brokenness around us. While our personal scope of influence is as unique as our DNA, we are united by our mission to extend the transforming work of Jesus.


People of influence.


This decade, Stone Ridge is laser-focused on being and building people of influence. Each year developing more people of influence than the last until we are 3000 strong - leveraging our influence to bring healing to a broken world.

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