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Guest Services


Our goal is to help everyone feel welcomed, make people feel taken care of, connect every person with ministries that can serve them and opportunities where they can serve too. 



We want people to feel welcomed and invited to be part of our church family from the moment they enter the parking lot.  The Welcome Team includes:


Parking Attendants: Help guests park and direct them to the Welcome Center.


Welcome Center Greeters: Welcome guests and answer questions.

Check-in Helpers: Help new guests fill out contact information and new families register their children.


Ushers: Direct and escort guests and families around the campus and introduce them to Connections Hosts. 




We want our church to feel like home for everyone who walks through the door.  Our hospitality team makes that happen. 

Hospitality Managers: Make and serve coffee, serve pastries, keep the lobby and hospitality area clean, as well as set up and clean up of the kitchen and hospitality area.  

Hospitality Crew:  Generally take care of church family and guests with any of their needs.  Responsible for serving coffee and pastries as well as keeping the lobby, kitchen, and hospitality area clean.

Hospitality Donors: If you love people, but your service and kitchen skills are not available, consider donating bakery goodies to our hospitality ministry.

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This team connects people with people and people with ministries and service opportunities in our church. The Connections Team includes:

Connections Hosts: Help new families and guests get settled by answering questions, getting to know them, and introduce them to one of our pastoral staff.

Connections Center Attendant: Help guests and church family register for events, connect them with service opportunities, and help them become familiar with ministries available for them. Help people purchase Pioneer 61 Coffee and Stone Ridge logo merchandise. 

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The communications department of Stone Ridge is always looking for talented individuals for many areas that help us communicate who we are to the community and the world. 

Presenters: Film and record weekly announcement to share during services.  (Must be able to follow a basic script while still sounding and looking natural on film.)

Social Media Managers: People gifted in social media communication to make regular posts pertinent to our church and be responsive to our online church community.

Videography & Storytelling: Conduct interviews, film/photograph, edit videos to tell stories of volunteers and ministries or personal testimonies for bi-weekly Spotlights.   

Graphic Design:  People gifted in graphic design and aesthetic consistency to create graphics for service slides, marketing materials, and our website. 

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