PowerPack - Yuma is a ministry of the Local Church in Yuma, Arizona; working to meet the growing need of weekend meals for children in our local schools.


The Mission

To provide simple non-perishable weekend foods for children in need while creating an ever increasing partnership with Desert Mesa Elementary School.



How It Is Accomplished

  1. A team of people pack bags with enough food for the weekend -  2 meals/day + snacks per identified student. 

  2. The bags are delivered to Desert Mesa to distribute.

  3. The school distributes the bags.


Want To Help?

  1. Be a part of the packing/delivery/engagement team.

  2. Donate food items (list below)

  3. Donate funds to purchase food items.  

Interested in helping?

Email scott@stoneridgechurch.com 

Approved Food Items

Single, serving size, kid friendly items. All food must have a current date. 


- Beef Jerky

- Tuna Fish (packets, cans or lunch packets)

- Canned Chicken Breast

- Slim Jim's

- Canned or Cups of Pastas (ravioli, spaghetti, etc)

- Canned Roast Beef

- Ready to Eat Mac N Cheese (in the cups or individual packets, no boxes please)

- Ready to Eat Rice Dishes

- Snack Crackers 

- Pretzels

- Snack Mix or Trail Mix

- Fruitables Brand Juice Drink or V8 Juice Blends (no Capri Suns or other juices please)

- Granola Bars

- Veggie Chips

- Fruit Leathers or Fruit Snacks

- Dried Fruit

- Canned or Cups of Fruit

- Applesauce Cups or Squeeze Tubes

- Boxed Milk (single serving, shelf stable)

- Cereal (individual serving size boxes)

- Oatmeal (individual packets)

- Nutragrain, Kids Cliff Bars or Other Cereal Bars