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PowerPack - Yuma is a ministry of the Local Church in Yuma, Arizona; working to meet the growing need of weekend meals for children in our local schools.


The Mission

To provide simple non-perishable weekend foods for children in need while creating an ever increasing partnership with Desert Mesa Elementary School.



How It Is Accomplished

  1. A team of people pack bags with enough food for the weekend -  2 meals/day + snacks per identified student. 

  2. The bags are delivered to Desert Mesa to distribute.

  3. The school distributes the bags.


Want To Help?

  1. Be a part of the packing/delivery/engagement team.

  2. Donate food items (list below)

  3. Donate funds to purchase food items.  

Interested in helping?


Approved Food Items

Single, serving size, kid friendly items. All food must have a current date. 


- Walmart Gift cards


- Beef Jerky

- Tuna Fish (packets, cans or lunch packets)

- Canned Chicken Breast

- Slim Jim's

- Canned or Cups of Pastas (ravioli, spaghetti, etc)

- Canned Roast Beef

- Ready to Eat Mac N Cheese (in the cups or individual packets, no boxes please)

- Ready to Eat Rice Dishes

- Snack Crackers 

- Pretzels

- Snack Mix or Trail Mix

- Fruitables Brand Juice Drink or V8 Juice Blends (no Capri Suns or other juices please)

- Granola Bars

- Veggie Chips

- Fruit Leathers or Fruit Snacks

- Dried Fruit

- Canned or Cups of Fruit

- Applesauce Cups or Squeeze Tubes

- Boxed Milk (single serving, shelf stable)

- Cereal (individual serving size boxes)

- Oatmeal (individual packets)

- Nutragrain, Kids Cliff Bars or Other Cereal Bars

- Gallon Size Zip Loc Bags

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